Class and Old Charm #theoldwarsaw



My recent dining experience at The Old Warsaw, one of the oldest restaurants in Dallas, wowed me! I was impressed from the moment I walked into the Foyer, where I was first greeted by the fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers and the stunning chandelier, then, the friendly host, who sat us nearby the fireplace and the black piano.

Here are a few things that left lasting impression on me:, the antique chandeliers and fresh flowers throughout the dining room, the pianist and his sweet tunes, the well-dressed patrons celebrating different occasions, the wine cellar, the romantic ambiance, and the delicious menu.


My gripe is this, with the popularity of Gastropubs (which I’m a fan of), and opening more casual dining eateries being on the rise, future of old charm, class, and chivalry is becoming…… let’s say, antiquated (in my opinion).  I still find myself searching for settings such as The Old Warsaw that offer charm and class. I am happy to have found a few to keep in my repertoire.

Hence the reason I’m Sharing this one for your next celebration, whatever it may be. Try The Old Warsaw in Dallas.

Be sure to dress nice. Men wear your jackets. Ladies, this is your night! Go before 7:00 for a quite atmosphere, or after 7:00 for more liveliness.

Viva class! Viva chivalry! Viva good food!