Weeknight Dinner For Two no.1




Did you overindulge this weekend (I did!) and now looking for a healthy option that doesn’t taste like cardboard?  Are you looking for a quick dinner recipe that doesn’t require meat of any sort?  Do you crave something simple, yet delish?  Let’s do this #meatlessmonday.

Recipe makes two servings.

Total prep and cooking time (after cooking rice): about 30 minutes                                                             

  1.  Begin cooking your #brownrice sometime in the afternoon or an hour prior to making the cabbage dish.  Rice cooker is vital for time-concern.  I recommend investing in one.  One cup of brown rice per cup and a half of water, pinch of salt and press start.
  2. img_3438
  3.  Once the rice is completely cooked and ready, you may begin preparing the sautéed cabbage which will take about 15 minutes to cook.
  4. Chop or shred half of medium cabbage to your liking and add to an evenly sprayed (or oiled) pan. Sauté for one or two minutes on medium heat.  You can add my suggested seasoning ( garlic powder, Tumeric, onion powder, salt and pepper) or your own, but onion powder is a must.
  5. img_3441
  6. Put a lid on it (doesn’t it feel good to say that sometimes?) and turn it to low heat.  This helps the cabbage to steam-cook while retaining all of its flavors and nutrients.img_3442
  7. About 10 minutes, or once you see the cabbage seems softened,take the pan off heat, remove the lid and let it sit while you prepare your dish.
  8.  Spoon some rice onto a plate and add the cabbage on top. You can eat it as is, or step it up a notch by sprinkling #sesameseed and a drizzle of #sesameoil on top.
  9.     Dinner is ready! Bon A petit!!

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